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Rehab of Concrete Sewer Structures

This comprehensive repair system is comprised of a one-component structural cement mortar liner and an epoxy coating system. Our non-destructive process offers a fast, clean, safe, and cost effective alternative to the other methods.
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High Performance Epoxy Lining

Versatile and proven wastewater coatings for restoration of deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. Our products offer superior protection from the most aggressive environments.
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Sewer Manhole Installation

Sewer Manhole Installation information.
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Manhole Vacuum Testing

Vacuum testing is a quick, safe and practical way to validate manhole
system integrity. It is a very effective method to ensure the lack of infiltration and ex-filtration of water.

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INSECTA Coating for Manhole Roach Control

A long-lasting, safe and efficient, patented product that combines insecticide and latex coating to help keep your manholes free of disease causing roaches.
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Composite Manhole Inserts

Manhole Inserts (also referred to a Manhole Liners) provide a structural repair to manholes that have experienced corrosion or deterioration due to aggressive environments. These inserts fit inside deteriorated manholes.
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Lift Station Improvements

Lift Station Improvements Information.

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Hydrovac & Jetting

The Jet-Vac is used in large diameter pipes clogged with exsesive soft debris like sand and dirt. The Jetter breaks up the debris while the vacuum draws it into the holding tank leaving a clean pipe without washing the debris further down the line.